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Faculty Members Ongoing Researches

  • Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Biostatistics, Public Health, Statistical Modeling, Generalized Linear Model, Forecasting, Time-Series Modeling, Big Data Analysis, Ecological & Environmental Statistics

Machine learning, IoT, Linear control, Nonlinear control, Converter design and control

Electronic Device, IoT, Computer Vision, Reinforcement Learning

  • Resistive Random Access Memory Device characteristics and Neuromorphic application
  • STT_MRAM characteristic and application
  • Bio-inspired photonics
  • Photonic Bandgap Device design and application
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Mixed Model
  • Public Health
  • Time Series Data Analysis
  • Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics
  • Public Healt
  • Public health
  • Data Science
  • Education
  • Econometrics
  • Networking
  • Optical Communication
  • Wireless Communication


  • Perovskite Solar Cell
  • Plasmonic Solar Cell
  • Speech Signal Processing
  • Optoelectronic and Photonic Devices
  • Phytochemistry  and Pharmacology
  • Bio-statistics, epidemiology  and Statistical Computation
  • Statistical Modeling, Longitudinal Data Analysis, causal Inference, Povarty issue analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Mining & Big Data