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Civil engineering is gaining more importance in the world today, as there is an increasing need for buildings and structures to be constructed. Civil Engineering takes place in the public sector from municipal through to national governments, and in the private sector from individual homeowners through to international companies. As such, the career prospects for Civil Engineers are very bright. Recently Bangladesh has fulfilled the requirements of developing country and would be elevated to as a developing country, definitely it will be required to develop the infrastructures and facilities of the country and this will create new scopes of jobs for Civil Engineers. Already an number of mega projects have been launched such as Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Padma Bridge, Metro Rail, Paira Sea Port and LNG terminal etc. and other new projects are in the pipeline. A career in Civil Engineering can be very challenging, but it promises great rewards. Therefore, in the current scenario of higher education, Civil Engineering has become one of the most important areas of science and engineering education.

A few potential employers are :

Many more
Furthermore, there are also great opportunities in Universities, Banks, Bangladesh army, Hospitals, mobile operators and different international originations such as JICA, WHO, UNICEF etc.