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Curriculum of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Civil Engineering (CE) Program: Courses

Minimum Credit Requirement: 156.5 Credits

Course Category Credits
Compulsory General Education Courses 9
Optional General Education and Sociology Courses 6
Optional Business and Economics Courses 6
Basic Science Courses: 12
Mathematics and Statistics Courses 12
Core Civil Engineering Courses 87
Inter-Disciplinary Engineering Courses 7.5
Elective Civil Engineering Courses 11
Thesis/Project/Internship 6
Total 156.5

List of Courses
Course Title Credits Prerequisite
Compulsory General Education Courses: [Three Courses] 9
ENG101 Basic English 3 ENG099 if needed
ENG102 Composition and Communication Skills 3 ENG101
GEN226 Emergence of Bangladesh 3 ENG102
Optional General Education and Sociology Courses: [Two courses] 6
GEN204 Western Thought 3
GEN205 Introduction to Psychology 3 ENG102
GEN207 Industrial Psychology 3 ENG102
GEN201 Bangladesh Studies 3 ENG102
GEN208 Introduction to Philosophy 3
GEN210 International Relation 3 ENG102
GEN211 Concepts of Journalism and Media Studies 3 ENG102
GEN223 Contemporary Security Studies in Asia Pacific 3 ENG102, GEN210
GEN225 Demography and Economic Statistics 3
GEN239 Professional Ethics 3 ENG102
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC102 Introduction to Anthropology 3
SOC202 Social Psychology 3 ENG102
SOC209 Industrial Sociology 3
SOC211 Eastern Culture and Heritage 3
SOC212 Social Ecology, Environment and Society 3
SOC213 Women in Development 3 ENG101
SOC214 Introduction to Development Studies 3 ENG102
SOC215 Principle of Social and Public Relations 3 ENG102, SOC101
SOC216 Globalization and Social Identity 3 ENG102, GEN210
SOC217 Religion, Ethnicity, Culture and Development in South Asia 3 ENG102, GEN206
Optional Business and Economics Courses [Two Courses] 6
ACT101 Financial Accounting 3
BUS321 Business for Engineering and Technology 3 ENG102
FIN101 Principles of Finance 3 ACT101, STA102, ECO101
FIN201 Business Finance 3 FIN101
FIN335 Financial Institutions and Markets 3 ECO102, FIN201
MGT101 Principles of Management 3 ENG101
MGT321 Industrial Management 3 ENG102
MGT337 Production Operations Management 3 STA102
MKT101 Principles of Marketing 3
MKT201 Marketing Management 3 MKT101
ECO101 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO102 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 ECO101
ECO200 Agricultural Economics 3 ECO101
ECO260 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 3 ECO101
ECO357 Mathematical Economics 3 ECO101
Basic Science Courses: [Three Courses] 12
PHY107 Engineering Physics-I (Introductory Classical Physics) 3+1.5
PHY209 Engineering Physics-II (Introductory Quantum Physics) 3
CHE107 Engineering Chemistry-I 3+1.5
Mathematics and Statistics Courses: [Four Courses] 12
MAT101 Differential and Integral Calculus 3
MAT102 Differential Equations and Special Functions 3 MAT101
MAT104 Coordinate Geometry and Vector Analysis 3 MAT101
STA102 Statistics and Probability 3
Core Civil Engineering Courses
Basic Civil Engineering: [Eleven Courses] 33
CE100 Civil Engineering Drawing 0+1.5
CE101 Analytic Mechanics 3
CE102 Computer Aided Drafting 0+1.5
CE103 Surveying and Introduction to GIS 3+1.5
CE200 Details of Construction 0+1.5
CE201 Engineering Materials 3+1.5
CE203 Engineering Geology and Geomorphology 3
CE211 Mechanics of Solids-I 3+1.5 CE101
CE213 Mechanics of Solids-II 3 CE211
CE261 Fluid Mechanics 3+1.5
CE408 Quantity Surveying and Cost Analysis 0+1.5
Civil Engineering Practice: [Two Courses] 7.5
CE301 Professional Practices and Communication 3+1.5
CE401 Project Planning and Construction Management 3
Structural Engineering: [Five Courses] 16.5
CE311 Structural Analysis and Design-I 3 CE213
CE315 Design of Concrete Structures-I 3+1.5
CE319 Design of Steel Structures 3+1.5
CE410 Concrete Structures Design Sessional 3+1.5
CE411 Structural Analysis and Design-II 3 CE311
Environmental Engineering: [Two Courses] 7.5
CE331 Environmental Engineering-I 3+1.5
CE333 Environmental Engineering-II 3
Geotechnical Engineering: [Two Courses] 7.5
CE341 Principles of Soil Mechanics 3+1.5 CE203
CE441 Foundation Engineering 3
Transportation Engineering: [Two Courses] 7.5
CE451 Transportation Engineering-I: 3
CE453 Transportation Engineering-II: 3+1.5
Water Resources Engineering: [Two Courses] 7.5
CE461 Open Channel Flow 3+1.5
CE463 Hydrology, Irrigation and Flood Control 3
Inter-Disciplinary Engineering Courses: [Two Courses] 7.5
CSE227 Numerical Methods and Computer Programming 3+1.5
EEE165 Basic Electrical Technology 3
Elective Civil Engineering Courses: 7-11
[Six courses: Two theoretical courses from the Major group +
One compulsory sessional course from the major group +
Two theoretical courses from the minor group +
One compulsory sessional course from the minor group]
Structural Engineering
Theoretical Courses
CE413 Introduction to Steel-Concrete Composite Structures 2
CE415 Prestressed Concrete 2
CE417 Design of Concrete Structures-II 2
CE419 Introduction to Finite Element Method 2
CE421 Dynamics of Structures
CE423 Design of Concrete Structures-III 2
Sessional Course
CE412 Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Structures Sessional 0+1.5
Environmental Engineering
Theoretical Courses
CE433 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management 2
CE435 Environmental Pollution Management 2
CE437 Environmental and Sustainable Management
Sessional Course
CE432 Design of Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage Systems Sessional 0+1.5
Geotechnical Engineering
Theoretical Courses
CE443 Earth Retaining Structures 2
CE445 Elementary Soil Dynamics 2
CE447 Soil-Water Interaction 2
Sessional Course
CE442 Geotechnical Engineering Design Sessional 0+1.5
Transportation Engineering
Theoretical Courses
CE455 Transportation Engineering-III:
Traffic Engineering Design and Management
CE457 Transportation Engineering-IV:
Pavement Management, Drainage and Airport
CE459 Transportation Engineering-V 2
Sessional Course
CE454 Transportation Engineering Sessional-II:
Pavement Design and Traffic Studies
Water Resources Engineering
Theoretical Courses
CE465 Flood Mitigation and Management 2
CE467 Groundwater Engineering 2
CE469 River Engineering 2
CE471 Hydraulic Structures 2
CE473 Coastal Engineering 2
Sessional Course
CE462 Water Resources Engineering Sessional 0+1.5
Thesis/Project/Internship 6
CE498 Thesis/Project 6
CE499 Internship 6