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Master of Science in Applied Statistics

Program Features

The Department of Applied Statistics has been offering the Master of Science (MS) in Applied Statistics since 2013. This program is designed carefully to meet the growing demand for applied statisticians in Bangladesh and worldwide. The program will prepare graduates for the statistics profession, which involves the application of mathematical and statistical techniques to the scientific fields in government and private sectors. After successful completion of the courses in applied statistics each participant will receive a MS certificate and a grade report. The courses will be taught in the evening session or in the weekends.


The main purpose of MS in Applied Statistics program is to train graduates and professionals to become expert statisticians to compete skillfully at national and international job markets.

Career in Applied Statistics

  • A properly trained applied statistics graduate will be able to produce trustworthy data, can analyze the data, and draw practically meaningful conclusions.
  • Applied statisticians may be found anywhere from research and development to production and management, in every field of scientific endeavor.
  • Graduates in applied statistics can find a variety of career opportunities open to them in health and socio-economic research; government and nongovernmental surveys; biological sciences; business, industry and market research; education sectors; environmental research; banking and insurance sectors and so on.
  • * The career of statisticians is highly rated in higher education and research.

University Resources

  • *  The only private university offering MS in Applied Statistics
  • *  East West University is the top ranked private university according to independent surveys.
  • *  EWU offers generous financial aid to students based on performance and need.
  • *  The department has expert faculty members with PhD.
  • *  The library is resourceful and the computer labs are fully equipped with internet facilities. 

Credit Hours and Duration

Total 35 credit hours will be needed to complete MS degree. There are two streams in this program: Stream 1 is MS by course work only and Stream 2 is MS by course work and a thesis. Stream 1 includes 18 credit hours from 5 core courses and 17 credit hours from optional courses. Stream 2 includes 18 credit hours from 5 core courses, 11 credit hours from 3 optional courses and 6 credit hours from a thesis. For completion of the degree, a student may require at least one academic year (3 semesters). However, according to the university policy, a student may take a maximum of 5 years for a Master degree program. 

Eligibility of Admission

  1. A minimum CGPA of 2.50 out of 4 at undergraduate and graduate levels, and
  2. Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3 out of 5 in both SSC and HSC Examinations or, passed University of London and Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level in at least five subjects and ‘A’ Level in at least two subjects. Only the best five subjects in ‘O’ Level and best two subjects in ‘A’ Level will be considered. Out of these seven subjects, a candidate must have at least 4B’s or GPA of 4.00 in the four subjects and 3 C’s or GPA of 3.5 in the remaining three subjects. (in the scale of A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1)
  3. Students are required to have (a) a four years in B.S./B.Sc. degree in Applied Statistics/ Statistics/ science/ medicine/Business & Economics /social science with good background of Mathematics, or (b) a three-years undergraduate degree and one-year master degree in Applied Statistics/ Statistics/ science/ medicine/ social science with good background of Mathematics.

Admission Procedure

  • *  Application forms can be obtained from the EWU Admission Office, Aftabnagar, Dhaka on payment of TK 1,000.
  • *  Admission will continue in all semesters every year.


Course Fees

A student is required to pay fees as per the following rates:

Items Amount in TK
Admission Fee 15,000
Tuition Fee Per Credit 4,000
Tuition Fee 1,40,000
Library & Activity Fee 6,030
Grand Total 1,61,030

Grading Policy

Letter grades for each course will be provided and a CGPA will be calculated after each semester. A student is required to maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5 throughout the academic period. If a student fails to maintain her/his CGPA of 2.5, she/he will be put on probation status and will not be awarded the certificate. If the student fails to raise her/his CGPA to 2.5 within the next two consecutive semesters, she/he will be dismissed from the program.


Credit Distribution

Total 35 credit hours is required to complete the MS degree, 18 credit hours from 5 core courses and 17 credit hours from 5 optional courses and/ thesis.


Core Courses (18 credit hours)

Course No. Course Title Credits
AST- 501 Survey Methods 3
AST- 502 Advanced Regression Analysis 4
AST- 503 Mathematical Statistics 3
AST- 504 Analysis of Variance 4
AST- 505 Data Management 4

Total 18


Optional Courses

Stream 1: 17 credit hours (two 4 credit hours courses and three 3 credit hour courses)

Stream 2: 11 credit hours (two 4 credit hours courses and one 3 credit hour course) from 3 courses and 6 credit hours from thesis.


Course No. Course Title Credits
AST- 506 Advanced Multivariate Statistical Analysis 4
AST- 507 Advance Generalized Linear Models 4
AST- 508 Applied Time Series Analysis 4
AST- 509 Applied categorical Data Analysis 4
AST- 510 Advanced Survival Analysis 4
AST- 511 Experimental Design 4
AST- 512 Applied Environmental Statistics 3
AST- 513 Reliability 3
AST- 514 Applied Epidemiology 3
AST- 515 Advanced Population Studies 3
AST- 516 Econometrics 3
AST- 517 Linear Models 3
AST- 518 Clinical Trial Methods 3
AST- 519 Advanced Life Contingencies 3



Course No. Course Title Credits
AST- 599 Thesis 6