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Work on bifacial PV-tracking featured in pv-magazine

Apr 01, 2021

Work on bifacial PV-tracking featured in pv-magazine

The collaborative work by Dr. M. Ryyan Khan’s group (East West University) with Purdue University on bifacial photovoltaics (PV) tracking has been featured in pv-magazine. One of the researchers from Dr. Khan’s group, M. Sojib Ahmed (EWU alumni) is an equally contributing first author along with M. Tahir Patel (from Purdue).

This work, published in Applied Energy, analyzes the worldwide gain and prospects of single axis tracking using the increasingly popular bifacial PV technology. The location-specific, optimally designed PV tracking systems can have 10-50% gain in yield compared to the conventional fixed tilt panel array within +/- 30deg latitudes. Such high gains indicate towards lowered LCOE in single axis bifacial PV tracking systems, and further prospects of integration with agro-photovoltaics.

[1] pv-magazine article:

[2] The research article:

M. T. Patel*, M. S. Ahmed*, H. Imran, N. Z. Butt, M. R. Khan, and M. A. Alam, “Global analysis of next-generation utility-scale PV: Tracking bifacial solar farms,” Applied Energy, vol. 290, p. 116478, May 2021, doi: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2021.116478.  (* equal contribution) (Impact factor: 8.848)