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MS in Telecommunication Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering is the most exciting frontier in Engineering in recent years. Our civilizations now depend absolutely upon telecommunication engineering. The Internet and World Wide Web are perhaps the most visible applications of this subject. Applications include satellite communications, next generation mobile phones, digital high definition television, and many more. Graduates with degree in Telecommunication Engineering have best job prospects in the following fields:

  • Network design and operation for public and private telecom operators
  • Design of network for financial services applications (banks, financial services centre, building societies)
  • Technical marketing including network design
  • Telecommunications research organizations
  • Telecommunications consultants
  • Telecommunications software development

Our purpose of the M.S. degree in Telecommunications Engineering is to produce highly trained competent telecommunications engineers to meet the needs of our industrial society. Graduates with this degree will play an effective role in research and development in various telecommunications industries. Graduates will have a solid grounding in techniques, equipment, systems, and infrastructures concerning the acquisition, elaboration, and the transfer of information and its utilization in telecommunications services.

Telecommunications engineers are responsible for the planning and design, commissioning, performance monitoring, optimization and management of complex telecommunications systems.

Considering the importance of the subject of Telecommunications Engineering, East West University is now prepared to initiate the graduate program, M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering. From the point of feasibility of the proposed program, we expect to attract some experts from outside, besides the existing relevant teaching staffs of our University.

Length of Program
The minimum length of the MS program is 3 semesters. Students may take up to 6 semesters by enrolling lesser credits per semester.

Credit Transfer
A maximum of 15 credits equivalent course works completed in a recognized institution can be taken as transferred credits.

Degree Requirement
A candidate for the MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering must complete at least 35 credits with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 point scale.