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Undergraduate students of EWU received the best paper award from the IEEE Bangladesh

Dec 20, 2018

Undergraduate students of EWU received the best paper award from the IEEE Bangladesh

Undergraduate students from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, East West University have recently received the best paper award from the IEEE Bangladesh Section for presenting their research in the 10th International Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering (IECECE 2018) held on 20-22 December, 2018 in Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Abdullah-Bin-Siddique with his group mates completed their undergraduate research under supervision of Prof. Mohammad Mojammel Al Hakim on studying the feasibility of polycrystalline silicon nanowires for biosensor applications. The biosensor research is highly topical and considered as one of the grand challenge projects in biomedical engineering around the globe for personalized, proactive and preventive healthcare.  Among the available protocols of biosensor realization, thin film polysilicon nanowires show route towards simple, low cost, mass manufacturable biosensor fabrication and hence, there is a significant interest towards exploiting this platform for next generation healthcare. The research has been performed in collaboration with the University of Southampton where the experimental characteristics of fabricated biosensors are provided by the University of Southampton and the students from the East West University calibrated the experimental characteristics to find out the nature of grain boundary trap states and interface states that can be expected from nanowires that are fabricated using industry standard deposition and etch. This knowledge on the nature and density of interface and intrinsic polysilicon grain boundary states are somehow imperative for biosensing application of polysilicon nanowires.

The research was performed using industry standard TCAD Tool SILIVACO installed in the VLSI lab of the East West University. East West University is the only University in Bangladesh with such a facility that enabled the capability of doing such a world class research and the award is the testament of quality education and research done in East West University.   The University is committed towards quality enhancement and currently on the way to enable Cadence University Program Analog & Digital towards delivering the state-of-art Degree Program in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.